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Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake

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Michael Lavender

Protein chocolate cake of our dreams!



1 1/2 cup Wholemeal Flour

1/2 cup Nuzest Rich Chocolate Clean Lean Protein

1/2 cup Cacao Powder

2 tsp Baking Powder

1 tsp Baking Soda

1/2 tsp Sea Salt

1/2 cup Cashews + 1 1/2 cup Water

1/2 cup Coconut Oil (melted)

1/2 cup Coconut Nectar

2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

2 tsp Vanilla Extract


1 cup Dates

1 cup Cashews

2/3 cup Water

1/2 cup Cacao Powder

1/4 tsp Sea Salt


2 cup Raspberries (fresh or frozen)

Freeze dried raspberries (optional)

We are in love with this decadent chocolate cake! It is super versatile and perfect for events, this recipe by Buffy Ellen is simple & delicious.


Preheat oven to 155° C and grease a 19 cm (7 ½ inch) spring form cake tin (not a ring tin).

Grind almonds into flour if using, then sift into a bowl with all other dry ingredients.

Blend all wet ingredients in a high speed blender until completely smooth.

Pour wet into dry and fold until combined, lifting the mix to add air as you go.

Bake for 45-50 minutes on fan bake, or until a skewer comes out almost dry. Test after 40 minutes, and then every 5 minutes thereafter. You want it to be slightly undercooked as it will continue cooking after removed from oven.

Remove, leave to cool for 10 minutes, remove from tin and transfer to a rack to cool completely.

To make ganache, blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until super smooth and creamy, with no lumps, scraping down the sides of the blender as necessary.

To assemble, slice the cake through the middle, spread half the ganache on the bottom half, place 1c of raspberries on top, then top with the other half of cake, other half of ganache, and remaining raspberries. If using fresh raspberries, reserve them for the top. Sprinkle with freeze dried raspberries and leave to set for at least half an hour before serving.


These recipe quantities makes a two layered cake (one cake sliced in half). To make the four layers like Buffy Ellen has, simply double the recipe including the ganache. If you don’t have two identical cake tins you can just bake them one after another and leave to cool (I don’t have two tins either! And so use this one after the other method too).

You can also make this recipe into a single cake without slicing through the middle, but the layer of chocolate ganache in the centre really adds that extra special touch and a pop of moisture as you bite through – delicious.

All ovens are different, so test your cake after 40 minutes with a dry skewer to see if it is relatively dry to touch. You don’t want it bone dry, as the cake will continue cooking after removed, and plus you want to keep some of the moisture in there. Test as you go is best!