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Top Plant-Based Food Trends 2020

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Author: Rachel Hawkins (Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Nutritionist)

Last year saw the rise of oat milk, meat alternatives and vegan-friendly convenience foods. But what food trends will 2020 hold? We consulted trend reports to find out what top plant-based food movements we should look out for in 2020.

Plant-based, not plant-exclusive
There will likely be an increase in the number of omnivores wanting to adopt a more plant-based approach to eating in 2020. According to the breakthrough Eat Lancet report, a diet that is rich in plant-based foods and fewer animal food sources confers both improved health and environmental benefits. The Whole Foods 2020 Trend Report indicates that we will probably see more hybrid food products (that incorporate vegetables and other plant-based foods) to support this consumer trend. Think meat-plant blends and better-for-you grab-and-go snacks.

Sustainable food production
There is no doubt that the world is concerned with sustainability issues more now than ever before. Reports indicate that consumer interest in food and environmental sustainability is likely to continue, with people wanting to know more about the environmental impact of the manufacturing and production methods of their favourite brands. It is predicted that farmers, producers, government agencies and more, will take a closer look at how they can use land and animal management practices to improve soil health and sequester carbon in a move towards more regenerative agricultural practices.

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We’ve all heard that we have an ageing population, right? A 2017 report by the United Nations (UN) revealed that the number of older people (defined as age 60 and older) is expected to double by 2050 bringing the global population to nearly 2.1 billion.
An ageing population means that people are becoming increasingly concerned with brain health and the prevention of cognitive decline. Nootropics are drugs, supplements, foods or beverages that have been researched for their purported cognitive ‘boosting’ effects. They are claimed to improve brain health by enhancing memory and cognition.
Get ready to see this term more often as consumer demand for nootropics increases.
Clinical Nutritionist & Researcher Cliff Harvey sums up the research on Nootropics here.

More plant-based protein sources

Last year saw more plant-based protein options than ever before. As consumers become more invested in knowing where their food comes from, it is predicted that consumer demand for plant-based protein sources will only continue to grow. Reports indicates that hemp, pumpkin, avocado and watermelon seeds are all protein sources to look out for in 2020. Pea protein is also set to diversify, being offered up in place of whey and collagen powders and used to boost the protein content of meat and cheese alternatives.

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New and unusual flours

The Whole Foods 2020 Trend Report suggests that there will be an array of interesting plant-based flours entering the market this year which will make baking more adventurous. Think cauliflower, teff and tigernut flour sitting on the shelves of your local supermarket. These flour alternates are expected to increase in popularity as consumers look for ways to incorporate more protein and fibre into their diet.

Vegan butters and spreads
Watermelon seed butter, pumpkin seed spread, chickpea butter. If your favourite nut or seed hasn’t been turned into a butter or spread yet, then it is likely to happen in 2020. Reports suggest that we will see a variety of unusual vegan butters and spreads this year. Keep your eyes peeled for creamy, full flavoured butters and spreads that pair perfectly with toast, wholegrain crackers and vegetable sticks.


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